What To Make With Crochet Squares

What to Make with Crochet Squares: Creative Project Ideas

Crochet squares are versatile and easy-to-make elements that can be turned into a wide range of beautiful and functional items. The possibilities are nearly endless once you’ve mastered the basic square pattern and you can really let your creative juices flow.

From cozy blankets to stylish garments, crochet squares provide a fun way to try out new stitches, techniques, and color schemes. You can experiment with different sizes and motifs, depending on the project you have in mind, making it a highly customizable and satisfying endeavor.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular and inspiring projects you can create using crochet squares. Whether you’re looking to make a gift for a loved one or to treat yourself with something unique and handcrafted, there’s no shortage of ideas to get your crochet hook moving.

Midnight Pinwheel crochet square
The Midnight Pinwheel Square is a free pattern that you can use as the basis for any number of different projects.

Types of Crochet Squares

Crochet squares are versatile and can be used to create various projects. There are three main types of crochet squares: Granny Squares, Solid Squares, and Lacy Squares. Using more than one colour yarn with various colorwork techniques also allows you to create Patterned Squares. In this section, we will discuss the various types of squares you can crochet before we move on to considering what to make with them.

Granny Squares

Granny squares are the most popular type of crochet squares. They are typically made by working in rounds, starting from the center and expanding outward. Clusters of three double crochet stitches are formed between the clusters of the previous round. Some features of granny squares include:

  • Easy for beginners to learn
  • Often use multiple colors
  • Can be made in various sizes
These bright and fun little granny squares are all ready for joining.

There are also many variations on the basic granny square, involving slightly different stitch patterns, which can result in some beautiful creations.

sunburst granny square
This type of granny square is often referred to as a sunburst square. It’s not hard to see why.

Solid Squares

Solid squares are, as the name suggests, made up of solid stitches such as single crochet or double crochet. These squares have a more flat and uniform look compared to granny squares as the stitches of each round are simply made in the top of the stitches of the previous round. Some characteristics of solid squares are:

  • Simple, smooth appearance
  • Ideal for creating a more structured look
  • Can be made in various sizes similar to granny squares
solid granny squares in cotton yarn
A few solid squares joined together.

Lacy Squares

Lacy squares have a more delicate appearance compared to granny or solid squares. They often feature openwork or lace-like patterns created by combining various crochet stitches. Lacy squares are characterized by:

  • Delicate, intricate appearance
  • Often use finer yarns or threads
  • Require more advanced crochet skills
Emma's Throw crochet blanket
This beautiful Emma’s Throw is made from some gorgeous lacy crochet squares.

Patterned Squares

Various colorwork techniques such as tapestry and mosaic crochet can create beautiful patterned squares. Sometimes, they are referred to as crochet “tiles” due to their resemblance to ceramic tiles.

tapestry crochet clarissa squares
These tapestry crochet squares can be joined to create a stunning Clarissa Blanket.

Find out how to make a tapestry crochet square here.

You can also make simple two-tone solid squares which can be arranged in a wide variety of attractive geometric patterns, similar to in quilting.

two tone granny squares
A mixture of solid and two-tone crochet squares can be joined to create lovely geometric patterns, similar to in quilting.

Home Décor Ideas

Crochet squares can be used to create a wide range of different home décor items. In this section, we will discuss three popular choices: Blankets and Afghans, Cushion Covers, and Table Runners.

midnight diamond banner

Blankets and Afghans

One of the most common uses for crochet squares is to create cozy blankets and afghans. This is a great way to show off your squares in all their glory. By joining multiple squares together, you can create unique patterns and intricate designs. Here are some tips for creating your own blanket or afghan:

  • Choose colors that complement your living space or bedroom
  • Experiment with different square sizes for a more interesting look
  • Try different joining methods, such as whip stitch, slip stitch, or single crochet (more on joining methods below)
Gunther crochet throw
This Gunther Blanket is made by joining an array of crochet squares to create a striking throw.

Cushion Covers

Crochet squares can also be used to create stylish and comfortable cushion covers. The process is similar to making blankets and afghans, with a few key differences. Follow these steps to create cushion covers:

  1. Measure your cushion and a single square and calculate the total number of squares you will need
  2. Join the squares together in a pattern, making sure to leave an opening for the cushion insert
  3. Attach a zipper, create a button closure, or simply crochet the final edge together to secure the cushion inside the cover
Midnight Diamond Crochet Cushion
This cushion cover is made with squares from the Midnight Diamond crochet blanket pattern.

Table Runners

Lastly, crochet squares can be turned into elegant table runners to add charm to your dining space. Consider these ideas when creating table runners:

  • Use smaller squares for a delicate, detailed design.
  • Choose colors that match your tableware and dining room décor.
  • Play with different patterns and motifs for added visual interest.
  • Opt for a thick cotton yarn if you will be placing hot dishes on the runner.

Wearable Items

Creating wearable items with crochet squares is another really fun way to use them. Making your own clothes and accessories allows you to create unique garments in your own favorite colors.

Scarves and Cowls

Crochet squares can be used to create a variety of scarves and cowls with unique patterns and textures. Combining different colored squares or varying stitch patterns can produce eye-catching results. Plus, as they’re usually not too big, they can be a great stash-busting project.

Here are some options to consider:

  • Join squares together in a long strip for a classic scarf.
  • Arrange squares in a circle or infinity shape to create a cowl.
  • Alternate between crochet square and solid color sections for a striking effect.
  • Add some tassels to the end for a great finishing touch.

Experiment with different layouts and dimensions to find the style that suits you best.

Cardigans and Sweaters

Crochet squares can be used to piece together beautiful cardigans and sweaters with a unique and enviable look.

Here are some simple steps to construct your own:

  1. Create enough squares to cover the front, back, and sleeves of your desired size.
  2. Join the squares together using a matching or contrasting yarn color, forming each section of the cardigan or sweater individually.
  3. Assemble the front, back, and sleeve sections by seaming the appropriate edges together.
  4. Pick up stitches around neckline and cuffs to create a polished finish.

Explore various stitch patterns, colors or motifs with your squares to create a one-of-a-kind garment.

Crochet Revival Sweater
This Revival Sweater is a fun way of using a classic granny square to create a beautiful and cozy garment.

Bags and Totes

Using crochet squares to make bags and totes can result in gorgeous accessories that are both fashionable and functional. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Assemble squares into a rectangular or square shape for a simple tote bag.
  • Create a round base by forming a crochet circle and join squares for the sides to form a bucket-style bag.
  • Join squares diagonally (such as here) to create a stylish bag.
  • Construct panels using several squares and add straps or handles for a cute purse.

You can reinforce your bags with fabric liners and use closures such as zippers, buttons, or snaps for added durability and security.

Consider using a cotton yarn to minimise stretching when you use your bag. If you do not want to line your bag then using a dense stitch pattern can also help prevent things from falling out.

Could these Starlight Squares made with cotton yarn be destined to become a tote bag?

Joining Techniques for Crochet Squares

When creating projects with crochet squares, it’s important to know the various techniques for joining them together. In this section, we will discuss three popular joining methods: Slip Stitch Join, Single Crochet Join, and Whip Stitch Join.

Slip Stitch Join

The Slip Stitch Join is a simple and effective technique that creates a smooth and flat seam. To perform this join, follow these steps:

  1. Hold two crochet squares with the right sides facing each other.
  2. Insert your hook through the corner stitch of both squares.
  3. Yarn over and pull through all loops on the hook. This creates a slip stitch.
  4. Continue slip stitching through corresponding stitches until the squares are joined. For an even smoother join, make your slip stitches only though the back (outer) loops of the pairs of stitches.

This method is ideal for projects requiring minimal seam visibility and flexibility.

For a video tutorial of a flat slip stitch join, see here.

Hestia Crochet Blanket
The squares of this Hestia Blanket were joined with a flat slip stitch join for a smooth and continuous finish.

Single Crochet Join

The Single Crochet Join provides a stronger and more textured or ridged seam compared to the Slip Stitch Join. To create this join, follow these steps:

  1. Hold two crochet squares with the right sides facing each other.
  2. Insert your hook through the corner stitch of both squares.
  3. Yarn over and pull through the stitches.
  4. Yarn over again and pull through both loops on the hook. This creates a single crochet.
  5. Continue single crocheting through corresponding stitches until the squares are joined.

This method works well for projects requiring added durability and structure.

Whip Stitch Join

The Whip Stitch Join is a popular sewing technique that uses a darning needle to join crochet squares. To perform this join, follow these steps:

  1. Thread a darning needle with the yarn.
  2. Hold two crochet squares with the right sides facing each other.
  3. Insert the needle through the corner stitch of both squares.
  4. Move the needle to the next set of corresponding stitches and sew through them.
  5. Continue whip stitching until the squares are joined, making sure not to pull the yarn too tight.

This method is ideal for projects where a subtle seam is desired or when working with delicate yarns.

Tips for Customizing Your Crochet Square Projects

Color Schemes

Choosing the right colors for your crochet square projects can greatly impact the final look. Consider the following tips when selecting your color scheme:

  • Use a color wheel to find complementary or analogous colors for harmonious combinations.
  • Look for inspiration in nature, fashion, or home decor to find trendy color palettes.
  • Try using a neutral base and adding pops of color with the squares for visual interest.
  • Create a gradient effect by steadily changing hues across the project.

Adding Borders

Borders can provide added structure and a perfect finish to you crochet square projects. Keep these ideas in mind when designing a border:

  • Pick a simple, contrasting border for a busy pattern, or a more intricate border for a simple project.
  • Use a coordinating or contrasting color to make the border stand out.
  • Experiment with different stitch patterns, such as single crochet, double crochet, or a combination of various stitches.
  • Consider adding multiple border rows in complementary colors or textures for added depth.
The border on this Winter Star Blanket includes a pop of a contrasting colored yarn to really set off the rest of the blanket.

What to Make with Crochet Squares: Conclusion

Crochet squares offer endless possibilities to create beautiful and functional items. From blankets and scarves to pillows and bags, you can mix and match colors, textures, and stitches to achieve unique designs.

Some popular projects to consider when using crochet squares include:

  • Blankets and throws
  • Scarves and cowls
  • Sweaters and cardigans
  • Pillows and cushions
  • Bags and purses

No matter your skill level or desired outcome, crochet squares provide an accessible and versatile option for creative and practical projects. Remember that patience and practice are key when learning new stitches or techniques, and the final result will be an item that is both beautiful and functional.

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