8 Beautiful Crochet Tile Blankets

8 Beautiful Crochet Tile Blankets

One of the most joyful, satisfying and rewarding crochet projects to make is without doubt a crochet tile blanket. Read on to find out what they are and how to make them, and discover eight truly beautiful crochet tile blankets that you could start making today.

What are crochet tiles?

Crochet tiles are patterned motifs that can be joined together, like tiles, to form a striking larger pattern.

Typically, crochet tiles are square or hexagonal. However, sometimes other shapes such as a combination of octagons and small squares, or even “lanterns” are used.

Hestia Blanket square
A tile from a Hestia Blanket

Crochet tiles can be made with various crochet techniques. These include colourwork techniques such a tapestry or mosaic crochet, and using intricate or varied stitches to create a pattern with the form of the stitches themselves.

One thing all tiles have in common though is that they are never plain and they always create a stunning and unique result!

You can use crochet tiles to create many different types of items, including cushions, bags and even garments. However, you can’t beat a crochet blanket as one of the most beautiful ways to show off your tiles.

How to make tiles with tapestry crochet

Tapestry crochet is a brilliant technique for making crochet tiles. You can use two, three or even four different colours at once to create a beautiful colourwork design. Plus, the carried yarn is completely hidden. This means that you can see the colourwork pattern on both sides of the blanket and there are no issues with things like “floats”.

To find out how to do tapestry crochet, check out this guide:

And to learn how to make a tapestry crochet tile, this post explains all you need to know:

8 Beautiful Crochet Tile Blankets

1. The Midnight Diamond Blanket

Midnight Diamond crochet blanket

The tiles of the Midnight Diamond Blanket are deceptively simple, consisting of four diamonds radiating out from their centres.

Curved lines enclose the diamonds and when the tiles are combined they create a striking pattern extending across the whole of the blanket.

This blanket looks best when made in two highly contrasting colours, such as one dark and one light, to really show off the pattern.

2. The Clarissa Blanket

Clarissa Crochet tile Blanket

The Clarissa Blanket uses three different coloured yarns to create a gorgeous leafy design. Elements of the pattern extend across the tile edges and continue over the blanket.

Clarissa has a classic elegance, making it a timeless and beautiful addition to period as well as modern homes.

3. The Super Stars Blanket

Super Stars tapestry crochet blanket

The Super Stars Blanket is a brilliantly fun starry design, perfect for the little super stars in your life!

Each hexagonal tile contains a six-point star, which creates a bright and lively pattern across the blanket.

The Super Stars Blanket is a great stash-buster too. Although the patterns suggests using seven different colours for the stars (so you never have two stars the same colour next to each other), you could always used more, or even fewer, if you wanted to create a simpler or cleaner design.

4. The Hestia Blanket

Hestia crochet tile blanket

The Hestia Blanket is a vibrant and effusive floral design. The central panel of nine tiles is surrounded by a bold tapestry crochet border, which replicates features from the tiles, setting them off perfectly.

Different colour arrangements are used in the tiles, to joyful effect. However, if you preferred you could always make the tiles identical to each other. Either way, this is sure to be a blanket that will be cherished for generations to come.

5. The Gunther Blanket

Gunther crochet Blanket

The Gunther Blanket has a simple but attractive repeating diamond pattern, running vertically and horizontally across the blanket.

It’s made with aran yarn so it is lovely and soft and squishy. Its squishiness is further enhanced by a wonderful ribbed border, which also sets of the tiles brilliantly.

Think of returning home from a blustery autumn walk, or snuggling by the fire on a winter night, and the Gunther Blanket is the perfect blanket to have to hand.

6. The Playroom Blanket

Playroom crochet Blanket

The Playroom Blanket is a mesmerising geometric design. The more you look at it, the more different patterns you spot!

At it’s heart, however, is a very simple hexagon. The hexagons are joined with a “join-as-you-go” technique, so you can see the pattern emerge as you add on motifs.

This makes it a highly addictive blanket to make, and one that looks fabulous in a whole range of different colour combinations!

7. The Winter Star Blanket

winter star crochet tile blanket

The Winter Star Blanket contains an array of square tiles, each with a beautiful twinkling four-pointed star.

Choose a dark colour for your main colour to really highlight the stars, and add a further colour to the border for that extra pop!

This a great blanket to get out in winter although stars do have that “year round” specialness to them, which means you can really enjoy this blanket at any time of year!

8. The Snow Storm Blanket

snow storm crochet blanket

The Snow Storm Blanket shows off a flurry of intricate snowflakes, each made in a single hexagonal tile.

This is a really special blanket that is wonderful for snuggling under on chilly winter nights. It also makes a wonderful addition to your festive décor, draped over your favourite chair or sofa, and one that you can enjoy bringing out for years to come.

What’s in the patterns for these crochet tile blankets?

All of the eight wonderful patterns listed above include:

  • full written instructions,
  • a chart,
  • a photo guide showing you how to do tapestry crochet, and
  • links to some really useful video tutorials about the different techniques used to make the blankets.

So, even if you’re new to tapestry crochet, they include everything you need to succeed!

They’re also all provided in both UK and US crochet terms, so you can use whichever you prefer.

Save money with a bundle of crochet tile blanket patterns

crochet tile blanket pattern bundle

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