What to Crochet for Your Mom

What to Crochet for Your Mom

Are you searching for the perfect crochet project to create something special for your mom? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore 9 wonderful ideas that will help you show your love and appreciation for your mom. From quick makes to more intricate and larger projects, you’re sure to find something that will suit her taste and style as well as your own crochet likes and ability.

Crocheting for Mom can be a heartfelt and meaningful way to express your gratitude for everything she’s done for you over the years. Plus, handmade items always have a special charm that store-bought gifts just can’t compete with. Consider your mom’s interests, needs, and favorite colors to make a gift she will truly cherish.

Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, her birthday, or just as a surprise, the perfect crochet project is waiting for you. So let’s dive in and explore some wonderful ideas designed to make your mom’s day extra special!

Understanding Your Mom’s Preferences

When considering what to crochet for your mom, it’s essential to understand her preferences and style. This will ensure that your gift is appreciated and loved.

Think about these questions with regards to her daily wear and home décor:

  • What colors does she gravitate towards?
  • Are her clothing and accessories more classical or trendy?
  • Does she have any favorite patterns or motifs?

That will give you a sense of the overall look and feel of the item you will create.

Next, consider these crochet-related questions:

  • Does she have a favorite type of yarn? What kind of fibre (e.g. natural, synthetic, cotton or wool) would she prefer? Are there any you should avoid?
  • What kinds of crochet projects do you like making the most? Especially if it’s a large project, you will need to be able to see it through to the end so make sure it’s something that you will enjoy making.
  • Is there a particular crochet technique you’re interested in trying? Now might be the perfect time to give it a go.

In terms of what kind of project you will make, think about the time of year, whether there’s anything your mom has expressed a wish for, or if there’s something you could surprise her with that she’d be overjoyed to receive. Perhaps you could make a practical item that she could use about the home or related to one or her hobbies? Or you could make a purely decorative piece that can be displayed as a year-round reminder of your love.

Now you’ve had a think about the type of project might make and what kind of colors, style and yarn you might use, let’s have a look at 9 specific ideas.

1. Cushion or Pillow Covers

Crochet a beautiful pillow cover to complement your mom’s favorite sofa or chair. Pillow covers are a great gift because they can provide instant impact in a room and don’t take too long to make. Choose colors to match your mom’s home or personality.

Here are a couple of ideas that she’ll be sure to love but of course there are plenty more!

The Asteria Cushion cover uses tapestry crochet to create a bold geometric design. Make it in cotton yarn for a crisp clean finish.

The Winter Forest Cushion cover has a lovely botanical or snowflake vibe and it’s a great choice if your mom loves nature. It’s made with aran weight yarn and is hugely addictive to make so you’ll be sure to have it finished in no time!

winter forest crochet cushion cover

2. Blankets

Nothing says “I love you” more than a handmade blanket. Your mom will literally be able to wrap herself up in your love and such a special gift will really be appreciated.

There are so many fabulous crochet blanket designs to choose from, most of which are highly customizable with regards to size and colors etc. From a classic granny square blanket to contemporary mosaic crochet designs, there’s a blanket out there to suit every crocheter, and of course every mom!

If you’re pushed for time, you could go for a small lap blanket made with a thicker yarn so that it works up quickly. On the other hand, if you’ve allowed yourself a decent crocheting period, you could go for a larger or more elaborate design that could become a real family heirloom, cherished for years and even decades to come.

Crochet Blanket Ideas

Here are a range of different blanket options that you could consider:

The Clarissa Blanket is classy, elegant and really, really beautiful. It’s made from tapestry crochet squares that resemble ceramic tiles. When they’re joined, they combine to create a truly stunning pattern across the whole blanket.

Make your mom one of these and she’s bound to be speechless (plus, it’s really not as hard as it looks!).

If you’re looking for something slightly quicker but equally impressive, why not have a go at the Olalla Ombre Blanket?

This blanket uses several strands of yarn held together to create a stunning ombre fade effect across the whole blanket. As the resulting yarn is so thick, it works up fast and is really fun to make.

Choose your mom’s favorite pair of colors and get hooking one up today!

Does your mom like gardening? If so, then the Vita Blanket could be the project for her. This blanket is square shaped and worked in the round with a beautiful scattering of leaves all over it.

Make it with cotton yarn, like in the picture, and she’ll have a wonderful picnic blanket to enjoy!

For geometric pattern-lovers, the Jora Blanket is sure to be a hit. This tessellating diamond pattern is easy to remember, making it a really relaxing and mindful make. Plus, you can easily adjust the pattern to make the blanket any size you like.

Choose colors to match your mom’s décor and this blanket will be sure to add a splash of fun and interest to her living space.

Jora Crochet Blanket

3. Table Runners and Mats

Table runners and mats make great gifts for mom as they work up quickly and can be used and enjoyed straight away. Here are a couple of ideas you could try.

The Starry Spruce Table Runner uses mosaic crochet to create a beautiful runner of spruce trees and stars.

Although the runner looks lovely and wintery in the photo, you could easily give it a more spring-like vibe by opting for lighter and brighter colors.

These Grateful Star Mats are a fabulous way to show your mom how grateful you are for all she’s done.

They work great as place mats or you could pair one with a pot plant for a wonderful gift.

4. Shawls and Wraps

Shawls and wraps are perfect for keeping warm on chilly days and evenings, or adding an extra splash of color to an outfit. Choose one of the patterns below to create accessory that your mom will be sure to love.

The Ashbury Shawl is a simple triangular granny pattern so it’s perfect if you’re relatively new to crochet.

Even if you’re a more experienced crocheter, the meditative nature of the simple granny stitches and the fun of picking just the right colors make this a really enjoyable project.

Finish it off with tassels for some added swish!

The Molly Shawl is another triangular design. The main section is made of a repeating pattern of textured and open rows, and the shawl is finished off with a striking tapestry crochet border.

Choose colors to complement your mom’s favorite outfit and this will be a shawl that she’ll reach for again and again.

Finally, we have the wonderfully leafy Rowan Wrap.

This elegant piece provides both warmth and style. It’s perfect for your mom to drape round her shoulders on summer evenings, and it’s even special enough to wear to a party or celebration.

5. Winter Accessories

Winter accessories have to be some of the most popular crochet gift ideas. They’re quick to make, great stash-busters, and provide warmth, love and joy to the recipient.

Choose from hats, gloves, mittens, handwarmers, cowls and scarfs, to create the perfect cozy gift for your mom.

The Oritha Cowl is really quick and easy to make the end result is very stylish indeed (your mom might not even believe you made it…).

It’s made with a Super Bulky yarn and has a gorgeous ribbed texture so it will keep out the drafts and keep your mom lovely and warm.

The Bellever Hat & Cowl make a wonderful pair although you could of course make just one if you prefer.

Finish of the hat with a wool or fur pom pom for an extra touch of fun!

Bellever crochet hat and cowl

Nothing keeps hands feeling more cozy and loved than a pair of mittens and these beautiful Arda Mittens could be the perfect choice.

Make them in merino wool for extra warmth, softness and luxury.

arda crochet mittens

6. Bags

There’s no end to the options available when it comes to crochet bags and bags, of course, are always handy to have about. Big, small, fun or sleek, there’s a crochet bag for every occasion and every use.

You could whip up a few granny squares and join them to make a fun new tote or why not try this striking geometric Touch the Sky Bag for something a little bit different?

touch the sky crochet bag

Another popular style of crochet bag is the market bag. This French Market Bag is perfect for holding your purchases when you pop out for some fresh produce or head to the beach for the day.

French Market crochet Bag


Does you mom love to read? If so, a handmade crochet bookmark could be a great gift for her. Pair it with a new book or book token and you’ve got a wonderful present.

Deta’s Bookmark is a beautiful lacy design which is made with fine thread-weight yarn. Pair it with a classic novel for the perfect gift.

Photo © Torun Johansson

Not got any thread-weight yarn? Then why not try the Calliope Bookmark pattern instead?

This bookmark can be made with 4 or 5-ply yarn and uses tapestry crochet to create a pretty diamond pattern.

calliope crochet bookmark on a book

8. Seasonal Decorations

Crochet is a wonderful craft for making seasonal decorations. If you’re thinking of a gift for the spring or summer, why not make some pretty crochet flowers? Or if it’s for the autumn then a crochet pumpkin might be perfect. For holidays like Christmas and Easter there are of course an abundance of hanging decorations you could make. Here are a few fun ideas:

For Easter time, there are hundreds of designs out there for beautiful crochet eggs. Or why not try this fun twist on the eggy idea to make these egg-shaped nesting baskets?

nesting crochet egg baskets

Flowers are perfect for any time of year and you can’t get prettier than these lovely Autumn Gerberas.

crochet autumn gerberas

Hearts are of course the definitive way to say “I love you”. This pretty design is quick to work up. Attach a small loop and your mom could hang one in her room as a reminder of your love.

At Christmas time, you could have great fun hooking up some new tree decorations for your mom. Or why not really surprise her with a fabulous new Christmas tree skirt?

crochet christmas tree skirt

9. Sweaters and Cardigans

Crochet garments are becoming increasingly popular and with an ever increasing selection of designs to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your mom’s tastes and style, as well as your own crochet preferences. Why not try one of these?

The Gorse Sweater is a cozy and chunky design with beautiful raglan detail. It’s made with aran yarn so it works up pretty fast too.

If you’ve not made a crochet garment before, it could be a great one to try.

If your mom would prefer a cardigan, why not try the stunning Candelaria Cardigan with its pretty lacy stitchwork.

Choose a lovely fingering weight yarn and you’ll create a stylish and wearable item that your mom can enjoy year after year.

Candelaria Crochet Cardigan

Finally, if you or your mom is a granny square fan, then the fabulous Revival Sweater has to be the perfect choice.

Have fun selecting the perfect colors for it, then whip up your squares before joining them using a continuous join-as-you-go method.

Crochet Revival Sweater

How to Personalize Your Crochet Gift

Personalizing your crochet gift for your Mom can make it even more special and show her how much thought you put into her present. Here are some ideas for adding personal touches to your crochet creations:

Choose meaningful colors: Select yarn colors that represent your Mom’s favorite palette or something that holds sentimental value. For example, you can incorporate colors from her wedding or ones that she loves to wear. This will make the crochet gift uniquely hers.

Include initials or names: Adding your Mom’s initials or name to the crocheted item can be a lovely touch. This can be done by stitching the letters directly onto the piece or by adding them as separate appliqués. Be sure to choose a font style that complements the overall design.

Add embellishments: Embellishments like beads, buttons, or charms can add an extra touch of personalization. Choose ones that have a special meaning, such as a charm representing your Mom’s birthstone or buttons with her favorite symbols.

Include a heartfelt message: Lastly, consider attaching a small note or tag with a meaningful message. You can handwrite the message or use a fabric pen to write directly on the crochet piece. This will remind your Mom of your love and appreciation every time she uses or sees the gift.

waltz of the flowers crochet blanket

Tips for Presenting Your Crochet Gift

When giving your mom a crochet gift, taking care over its presentation can really make a memorable moment. Here are some suggestions to ensure your gift is well-received and appreciated.

1. Personalize the gift-wrap: Instead of ordinary wrapping paper, opt for a customized packaging that complements your crochet creation. You could use colorful tissue paper, a fabric bag, or even create a crochet gift sack.

2. Add a thoughtful note: Including a heartfelt message can make your crochet gift even more special. Write a note that expresses your love and appreciation, and mention the effort and skill that went into crafting the item.

3. Presentation matters: Ensure your crochet gift looks its best before presenting it to your mom. Neatly fold or arrange the item, use a ribbon or bow to secure the piece, and make sure all the ends are woven in. If the item needs blocking, make sure you do that before gifting it as it will make all the difference.

4. Add some fragrance: Include a small lavender pouch or even just scatter some dried lavender flowers in with the gift to make it smell wonderful.

5. Consider a surprise element: You could incorporate an element of surprise by hiding the crochet gift inside another small present or providing clues that lead her to the actual gift.

What to Crochet for Your Mom: Wrap-up

Making a hand-made crochet gift for your Mom is a wonderful way to show her your love and appreciation. Think about her own likes and interests, as well as your own personal crochet preferences, to choose a crochet gift that will be beautifully made and appreciated for years to come.

From blankets to bookmarks, and from sweaters to shawls, there are so many options to choose from. Think carefully before you dive in with a project and don’t forget the special finishing touches too to make it extra special.

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