How to crochet a tapestry crochet square

How to crochet a tapestry crochet square

A tapestry crochet square is, quite simply, a square made using the tapestry crochet technique. However, when lots of them are joined together they can produce some striking results.

This post provides all you need to know to make a tapestry crochet square and at the bottom there are links to some patterns for you to try.

Midnight Diamond crochet blanket

Typically, a tapestry crochet square is just a standard solid granny square where different stitches are made with different coloured yarns.

However, in some cases, different or non-standard stitches might be used as well as “regular” stitches. For example, front post stitches might be used to add texture. In other cases, parts of the square might involve crocheting two stitches together or making two stitches in the same stitch to give a smoother or less pixilated colourwork design.

How to crochet a tapestry crochet square

The pattern instructions

Generally, there are two ways in which the pattern might be provided.

In one way, the pattern provides written instructions detailing both:

  • which stitches to make where; and
  • which colour yarn to use for each stitch.

In this case, a chart might also be provided as a visual illustration of the pattern although the written instructions should be complete without it.

Most of my patterns are written this way.

In another way, the written instructions simply explain which stitches to make where but they do not specify which colour yarn to use for each stitch. A chart is then also provided (where each rectangle represents a stitch) showing which colour yarn to use for each stitch.

Following a chart

As mentioned above, a chart is formed of rectangles where each rectangle represents one stitch. The rectangle is shaded with a colour representing the colour yarn to be used for that stitch.

For a square, the chart would typically only show one side of the square (assuming the colourwork pattern is the same for all four quarters). It would then be repeated four times to create a whole square.

For an example chart for a square, and a more detailed explanation of how to follow it, see this post:

Tapestry crochet techniques

In order to do tapestry crochet, you will need to know:

  • how to change colour; and
  • how to crochet over the unused yarn.

Check out this tutorial to find out how to do both of these things:

In order to make a square using tapestry crochet, you will also need to know how to carry the yarns up to the next round. Check out this tutorial to find out how to do this:

What to do with your squares

Crochet squares can be used to make all kinds of items, from blankets and cushions, to bags and even garments. Let your imagination run wild and see what you can come up with!

To learn a neat (invisible) way to join your squares, check out this tutorial:

Tapestry crochet square patterns

If you’re feeling inspired and would like to have a go, check out these patterns:

Taking it further

Of course, it’s not just squares that can be made with tapestry crochet. Hexagons also work really well and can produce some stunning results.

Check out my other patterns to find hexagon patterns and more.

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