Tapestry crochet star patterns

Tapestry crochet star patterns

Star love!

Tapestry crochet star patterns come in all sorts of styles and for many different kinds of items. From fun blankets to striking cushions, tapestry crochet stars look great in so many different projects. And with clever uses of colour you can create something bright and colourful, or sophisticated and elegant, that will be loved by young and old alike.

Read on to find out how and also get a link to a FREE pattern.

Super Stars tapestry crochet blanket

How to make a tapestry crochet star

Tapestry crochet is a colourwork technique that involves making different stitches in different colours. You crochet over the unused yarn to carry it along until it is next needed.

As illustrated in the patterns below, stars look great when made in crochet squares or hexagons, although they can also be made in rows.

To find out exactly how to do tapestry crochet, check out this tutorial:

Beautiful tapestry crochet star patterns


What could be better than snuggling under a blanket covered with stars? Click on these images to get these great blanket patterns:


Stars also looks fabulous on cushions. These three designs are worked as a square, in the round, and hexagonally. Click on an image to get the pattern:

FREE tapestry crochet star pattern

If you’re new to tapestry crochet or looking for a quick gift to make, why not try my Grateful Star mat pattern, which is completely FREE:

free grateful star mat crochet pattern

Star pattern bundle

To get FIVE great tapestry crochet star patterns in one pattern bundle (and save 20% off the cost of buying them individually), just click on this link:

Tapestry crochet help

All of my patterns include full instructions about how to do tapestry crochet. However, if you do need a little extra help with any aspects, just check out my tutorials here:

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