Stardust Tablet Case – a new FREE mosaic crochet pattern

Stardust Tablet Case – a new FREE mosaic crochet pattern

I’m really excited to introduce you to the Stardust tablet case, a new FREE mosaic crochet pattern.

Last year, the lovely folk at Crochet Society asked if I’d like to come up with a design for them for an upcoming crochet box. The theme was “books and spells” and the yarn was the gorgeously richly coloured blue and brown aran yarn you can see in the pictures.

I was having a bit of a mosaic crochet phase at the time, so I scratched my head, did a bit of swatching, and came up with the Stardust Tablet Case.

stardust mosaic crochet tablet case

The yarn is a lovely recycled acrylic yarn from Bella Coco. However, you could easily swap it for another aran yarn. A cotton yarn could also look really good, for example.

The finished case measures 21 x 29 cm and is designed to fit a standard iPad.

The pattern includes written instructions, an explanation of how to do mosaic crochet, and a chart.

Even if you’re new to mosaic crochet, the instructions should be sufficient for you to do this project and, if you have any questions, you can always drop me a message.

Just click the button below to get the FREE pattern.

Mosaic and tapestry crochet

As you may have noticed, most of my designs use tapestry crochet rather then mosaic crochet. However, mosaic crochet is another great crochet technique that I really love. It has a slightly different look to tapestry crochet but can create some stunning patterns. It also results in a slightly thicker work, so it’s a really good choice for a tablet case (especially with aran yarn) as that extra thickness gives it some protection against any knocks or bumps.

If you’d like to read more about this differences between tapestry and mosaic crochet, check out this post:

Get the FREE Stardust Tablet Case pattern here

All of the lovely photos on this page are provided courtesy of Crochet Society.

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