10 Reasons Why I Love Tapestry Crochet

10 Reasons Why I Love Tapestry Crochet

If you take just a quick look around my website, it won’t take you long to realise that I am a HUGE fan of tapestry crochet. I have been absolutely hooked on this wonderful crochet technique since I first came across it, a few years ago. In this post, I explain my top ten reasons why I love tapestry crochet so much.

Super Stars tapestry crochet blanket
The Super Stars Blanket

1. The huge variety of tapestry colourwork designs

The main reason why I love tapestry crochet so much, and why I will never ever get bored with it, is quite simply the enormous and probably limitless variety of different colourwork designs that you can create with it. By using different stitches and yarn weights, you can create virtually any colourwork pattern you like with tapestry crochet. If you can picture the pattern in your head, then you can create it with tapestry crochet.

big fish little fish tapestry crochet blanket
The Big Fish Little Fish Blanket

2. Tapestry crochet is truly addictive

Next up is that tapestry crochet is hugely addictive. Whether you’re working a project in rows or in rounds, once you get started on a project it is nearly impossible to stop. The colourwork nature of the projects means that you always want to work just one more row or round to see a bit more of the pattern emerge.

The Winter Forest Cushion Cover

3. I love re-creating patterns I see around me in crochet

How many times do you spot a pattern around you, for example on a garment, soft home furnishing, or even a tile, that just makes your heart sing with joy? Quite often these can be really simple patterns but other times they can be something quite complicated. One thing I really love about tapestry crochet is the fun in taking inspiration from patterns around me and seeking to re-create them using tapestry crochet. All you need is some squared paper and colouring pencils or pens and away you go!

4. The excitement of seeing how a design works up in crochet

Once I’ve drawn up my design on some squared paper, it is really exciting seeing how it works up in crochet. Seeing a pattern emerge is a thrilling time. Due to the nature of crochet stitches, it’s rarely exactly as you expect. However, it’s always a wonderful moment when your design on paper is turned into a joyful crochet project that can be used and loved.

Crocheting Hestia Blanket squares
Creating squares for the Hestia Blanket

5. Creating stunning repeating patterns with motifs

Designing patterns with motifs is a particular passion of mine. These could be botanical in nature or more geometrical, and the motifs could be square or hexagonal. I especially love it when a pattern extends over individual motifs to create a larger pattern over the whole project. Blankets made in this way are a real joy to crochet.

Midnight Diamond crochet blanket
The Midnight Diamond Blanket

6. The pure joy of a simple geometric pattern

Tapestry crochet lends itself really well to simple geometric patterns. They can look stunning when created over a large blanket and can be really mindful to create. It can be great to switch between projects that require more concentration and those where you can just get into the flow of them and allow your mind to wander whilst still creating something beautiful.

jora blanket
The Jora Blanket

7. The vast number of different projects in which you can use tapestry crochet

I love using tapestry crochet in blankets but they are far from the only type of project in which you can use tapestry crochet. Any project that would benefit from a little “pattern” being applied to it can use tapestry crochet. For example, cushions, table mats and runners, and hats, scarves, shawls, bags and other accessories all look great with a spot of tapestry crochet.

touch the sky tapestry crochet tote bag
The Touch the Sky Bag

To find out how to select the best type of yarn for a particular tapestry crochet project, check out my post on this topic.

8. How making a project in different colours can give it a completely different look

Returning to old projects and remaking them in a different combination of colours can give them a completely different look. One of the most fun things of being a crochet designer is seeing your patterns worked up in different colours. I only wish I had enough time to try them all myself! Sometimes, even simply reversing the same two colours can totally change the appearance of your project.

tapestry crochet snow storm blanket
The Snow Storm Blanket in its original pink and grey, and also one motif in navy and cream

9. It might look complicated but it’s actually really easy (honest!)

When people haven’t tried tapestry crochet before, they often look at my projects and think that they must be really difficult or complicated to make. However, the truth is far from it. Actually, tapestry crochet typically only uses the basic crochet stitches, and all you need to know in addition to that is how to change colour (which is really very easy). Then, it’s just a case of counting how many stitches to make in colour before swapping over again.

To find out more about how to do tapestry crochet, have a read of my tutorial below, which also includes links to some video tutorials.

10. You never run out of ideas and it’s so easy to get started with your own designs

OK, I know this is really two things but they are linked. Basically, there is so much inspiration out there for tapestry crochet designs and, if ever the urge strikes you, it is so easy to get started. Just grab yourself some squared paper and coloured pencils and get designing. The challenge is crocheting fast enough to keep up with all the ideas!

If you’d like to buy any of the patterns shown on this page, just click or tap on an image to get the pattern.

And if you’d like to share why you love tapestry crochet so much, please feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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