Which Hook Size is Best for Tapestry Crochet?

Which Hook Size is Best for Tapestry Crochet?

Hook size is really important when you’re working on a tapestry crochet project. It has a huge impact on how good your finished project will look. Read on to find out why and, more importantly, how to choose the best hook size for your project.

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Why is hook size important?

When it comes to tapestry crochet, getting a neat finish to your project is key. This comes from having well-defined, even stitches that provide good coverage of the carried yarn(s). The better you can cover up the carried yarns, the crisper and more attractive your project will look. Hook size is a key factor in achieving a great result.

How do you choose the best hook size?

Generally, I recommend going down a hook size or two compared to that recommended for a particular yarn. This is because reducing the size of your stitches makes them tighter and provides better coverage of the carried yarns.

However, if you are a relatively tight crocheter then you might not find that you need to use a smaller hook size. Your natural tension may be sufficiently tight already to provide good coverage.

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Does it depend on the yarn?

Yes, the best hook size can depend on the type of yarn you are using.

For example, some yarns have more of a halo than others and this can help to cover up the carried yarn. If your yarn has a relatively large halo, then you might not need to reduce your hook size by so much, or even at all. On the other hand, if your yarn is very smooth with no halo, then reducing your hook size by more than one size might give the best result.

The colour of your yarns can also be a factor.

If your yarns are quite similar in colour (such as green and blue, for example) then small amounts of the carried yarn peeking through might not be an issue and could even be attractive. This can also be the case if you are using a somewhat variegated yarn in your project. If so, then you might not need or want to reduce your hook size.

Conversely, if you are using two very contrasting yarns (such as red and white) then you might find that reducing your hook size even more gives a better result in ensuring that none of the carried yarn shows through.

Does it depend on the stitch?

The crochet stitch used in your project can also be a factor in selecting the best hook size. Some stitches, like single crochet and extended single crochet (double crochet and extended double crochet in UK terms), are naturally slightly tighter than others, like double crochet (treble crochet in UK terms). As such, for projects using smaller crochet stitches, you might not find that you need to decrease your hook size by so much.

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Should I swatch?

Yes, absolutely! Swatching is the best and only way to really make sure that you are using the best hook size for your project. Try making a small sample of the tapestry crochet pattern in two or three different hook sizes and see which one you like the look, and feel, of most.

Keep the points discussed above in mind when choosing which size to start swatching with.

Once you have found the best hook size for your project, you can then begin your project, confident that you will have the best tapestry crochet result.

Which hook size is best for tapestry crochet? Answered!

Generally, going down a hook size or two is a good idea to get the best coverage of the carried yarn. However, whether this is necessary, and to what extent, may depend on your own tension, the yarn you are using and the crochet stitch.

Always swatch before you start a project to find out exactly which hook size is best for you, that yarn, and that project.

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