Ten New Tapestry Crochet Patterns of 2022

Ten New Tapestry Crochet Patterns of 2022

As we reach the end of 2022, I’ve been looking back over my pattern releases this year. Totting them all up, I discovered that I’ve actually released ten new tapestry crochet patterns this year!

There were five blankets, one tote bag, one cushion, one pair of mittens, one scarf, and one hat and cowl set. The yarns used ranged from 4 ply up to aran weight, and had cotton, wool, merino, bamboo and acrylic fibres. The patterns included several geometric designs but also some that were much more botanical and softer in outline. Some patterns were very quick to work up and others were more longer-term projects. In short, there were patterns appealing to a whole range of tastes and for a variety of purposes.

Read on to find out more about my ten new tapestry crochet patterns of 2022.

The Blankets

The Hestia Blanket

hestia blanket

Inspired by botanical shapes and ceramic tiles, the Hestia blanket is made of tapestry crochet squares which combine to create a truly beautiful pattern. 

A sumptuous border frames the “tiles”, continuing some of the tapestry crochet elements of the squares into it. 

Did you know that Hestia was the Greek goddess of the hearth?  She looked after the home and family.  By making a Hestia Blanket, you can bring something wonderful into your home that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

The Vita Blanket

vita blanket pattern

The Vita Blanket is a beautiful and unique tapestry crochet blanket covered with a scattered array of leaves. It’s a celebration of life and fresh starts.

Using a soft cotton DK yarn gives beautiful stitch definition. The blanket could be used as a throw or even a picnic blanket.

I used two shades of green against a neutral background. However, you could have fun playing around with different colour combinations.

The Copernicus Blanket

The Copernicus Blanket is a fun hexagonal blanket containing three concentric stars made using the tapestry crochet technique.

It’s finished off with a lovely chunky tassel at each corner.

The blanket is made with an aran yarn so it’s really cosy and works up quite fast.

In bright, fun colours, this blanket would make a great addition to a child’s room. Or stick to a more refined palette and it would add a special touch to your living room or own bedroom.

The Morven Blanket

morven crochet blanket

The Morven Blanket has a simple geometric tapestry crochet design with a fresh modern feel. It also has a lovely textured central section with a wonderful drape.

Keeping it small, the Morven blanket makes a wonderful gift for a new baby. Alternatively, increase the size and you’ll have a gorgeous contemporary afghan for your home.

The pattern explains exactly how to adjust the blanket to your preferred size.

The Jora Blanket

Jora Blanket pattern

The Jora Blanket has a simple geometric tapestry crochet design which builds up to create a stunning blanket.

Jora means “autumn rain” and for me this blanket evokes feelings of harvest and rain drops. Whatever the shapes remind you of, their attractive repeating simplicity makes the Jora Blanket a relaxing and mindful make, whilst creating a blanket with a truly striking pattern.

The Cushion

The Winter Flora Cushion

winter flora cushion

The Winter Flora Cushion uses tapestry crochet to create a beautiful wintery floral pattern.

At its centre, the cushion has a gorgeous poinsettia flower. This is surrounded by sixteen pairs of mistletoe berries and leaves.

The mistletoe berries are made with pop corn stitches, which add a really fun textural touch to the cushion.

The Accessories

The Touch the Sky Bag

touch the sky crochet bag

The Touch the Sky bag has a fresh geometric pattern. The crisp design looks great in fresh, bold, contrasting colours. However, you could always go for softer pastel or neutral tones if you prefer.

The Touch the Sky Bag is the perfect size for all your bits and bobs for a day out. It also has relatively dense stitches so nothing is going to escape between them. So, why not make yourself a bag today?

The Kites Scarf

kites crochet scarf

The Kites Scarf is a striking lightweight scarf that was designed especially to show off beautiful gradient yarns. It’s a gorgeous addition to your spring-to-autumn accessories or makes a wonderful gift.

Using a gradient yarn makes it a super-addictive project. However, it would also look great with two solid yarns.

The Bellever Hat and Cowl Set

Bellever Hat and Cowl

The Bellever hat and cowl are soft and cosy and really fun to make. They use tapestry crochet to create a striking pattern which would look fabulous in many different colour combinations.

The pattern includes instructions to make both the hat and the cowl, so this is a really great-value purchase.

The Arda Mittens

The Arda Mittens come in five sizes so you can hook up a pair for anyone from a small child to an adult.

They use tapestry crochet to create a fun repeating pattern that looks great in any colours that take your fancy.

Tapestry Crochet

These ten patterns all use tapestry crochet, which is my absolute favourite crochet technique.

All of my patterns include full instructions explaining exactly how to do tapestry crochet, as well as links to some handy video tutorials. However, if you’d like to check any of them out before you buy a pattern, just have a look at the links below:

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