Seven cosy crochet blanket patterns to snuggle up with

Seven cosy crochet blanket patterns to snuggle up with

As we move into winter, our thoughts are turning towards keeping warm. And what better way to snuggle up than with a handmade crochet blanket? I’ve reviewed all of my crochet blanket patterns and this post contains my seven favourite crochet blanket patterns for keeping cosy.

Make one for yourself or a loved one and not only will you keep them warm, but you may even save them some money off their heating bill. Plus, the blanket can keep you cosy as you make it.

Here are my seven favourite cosy crochet blanket patterns that are perfect for snuggling under this winter. Which one will you choose?

1. Midnight Diamond Crochet Blanket

Midnight Diamond crochet blanket
Midnight Diamond Blanket

Number one has to be my Midnight Diamond Blanket. Its attractive repeating tile-like pattern makes this an ever-popular design that many crocheters return to again and again. Think about the person and room you’ll be making it for and choose your colours accordingly, whether they be neutrals, brights or pastels. Plus, as it’s made from squares, you can easily make it to whatever size you like.

2. Super Stars Crochet Blanket

Super Stars tapestry crochet blanket
Super Stars Blanket

The Super Stars Blanket is another motif-based pattern but this time with hexagons. The pattern includes instructions to join the hexagons as you go, so the snuggle factor will increase the more you make! This blanket looks great in bright, fun colours but would also look amazing in a cool grey or navy, with white stars twinkling all over it.

3. Cara Crochet Blanket

Cara Blanket
Cara Blanket

How better to show some one you love them than with a blanket edged with pretty hearts? The Cara Blanket really is a cosy blanket of love. What’s more, as it’s made with aran yarn, it’s super warm and snuggly and you can work one up in no time.

4. Gunther Crochet Blanket

Gunther Blanket
Gunther Blanket

One of my favourite things about the Gunther Blanket is its ribbed border, which gives it a lovely weight and really adds to the all-round cosiness of this fabulous blanket. You could make one in a jolly red and white combo or perhaps go for something more rustic with earthy or grey tones? Whatever you choose, it’s sure to look great and it will definitely be a favourite one to have handy by the sofa.

5. Snow Storm Crochet Blanket

snow storm crochet blanket
Snow Storm Blanket

For full-on cosy winter vibes, why not make yourself a Snow Storm Blanket, covered with a delightful scattering of snowflakes? When it’s snowing outside, grab a hot chocolate, wrap yourself up under this delightful blanket and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

6. Copernicus Crochet Blanket

copernicus crochet blanket
Copernicus Blanket

The Copernicus Blanket is, for now, my only hexagonal blanket pattern but I’m sure it won’t be my last as it’s just such a fun shape to make. This blanket contains three concentric stars in different colours and each of the six corners is finished off with a lovely chunky tassel, giving the blanket a lovely swishy-ness. For its size, it actually works up surprisingly quickly as it’s another one made with aran yarn. This also makes is super warm.

7. Winter Star Crochet Blanket

winter star blanket
Winter Star Blanket

This list couldn’t be complete without my Winter Star Blanket. This was the first blanket pattern I designed specifically with winter in mind, and I love how the stars seem to be twinkling out at you from each square of the blanket. It’s perfect for those dark winter evenings by the fire.

Tapestry crochet

You may have noticed that all of these patterns use tapestry crochet. This is not a coincidence as it’s my absolute favourite crochet technique!

All of my patterns include full instructions explaining exactly how to do this technique, as well as links to some handy video tutorials. However, if you’d like to check any of them out before you buy the pattern, just have a look at the links below:

Even more great crochet blanket patterns

Feeling inspired by what you’ve seen? I have lots more beautiful blanket patterns for you to choose from. Just have a look at the link below:

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