What Size is a Crochet Lap Blanket?

What Size is a Crochet Lap Blanket?

Crocheting a lap blanket is a fun and rewarding project for both experienced and novice crocheters. These blankets are designed to provide warmth and comfort while you cozy up on the sofa, rest in a chair, or travel in a car. The ideal size for a lap blanket varies depending on the individual and intended use. Your choice of size should be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

There are several factors to consider when determining what size to make a crochet lap blanket, such as whether the user is an adult or child, where and how the blanket will be used, and personal preferences. The shape of the blanket (e.g. square, rectangular or even other shapes like hexagonal) will also come into play. However, a general guideline for a standard lap blanket size is around 30 to 60 inches wide and 40 to 70 inches long.

The Gunther Blanket measures around 31 by 43 inches, making it a great size for snuggling under on the sofa.

Understanding Crochet Lap Blankets

Lapghan vs. Afghan

A crochet lap blanket, also known as a lapghan, is a small, cozy covering designed to provide comfort and warmth to the user. Lapghans are similar to afghans, the only difference being their sizes. While afghans can typically cover a bed or drape over a sofa, lapghans are smaller and custom-sized for laps and legs. Despite the differences in size, both lapghans and afghans serve the same purpose of providing warmth and comfort.

Benefits and Uses

Lapghans or lap blankets have several benefits and uses, making them versatile and adaptable for various situations. Some of the advantages of lapghans include:

  • Comfort: Crochet lap blankets provide warmth and coziness, creating a sense of security for the user.
  • Portability: Due to their smaller size, lapghans are easier to carry around and transport, making them the ideal choice for on-the-go activities.
  • Adaptability: The various sizes and designs available allow for customization, ensuring the perfect fit for different people’s needs.

Persons in wheelchairs and those confined to hospice beds can especially benefit from lapghans, as they provide additional warmth without being too heavy or bulky. Wheelchair lapghans are specially designed for individuals who use wheelchairs. They can even feature a pocket at the bottom or straps to prevent the lapghan from slipping off the person’s lap.

Hospice lap blankets are designed to provide warmth and comfort for patients in hospice care. These blankets are often handmade and donated by volunteers to serve as a source of support for people facing a challenging time in their lives.

Crochet Lap Blanket Sizes

Crochet lap blankets come in various sizes to suit different needs and preferences. In this section, we will discuss medium-sized, large, and extra-large lap blankets. Choosing the right size depends on the intended use, the individual’s size, and the desired level of comfort and warmth.

Medium Sized Lap Blanket

A medium-sized crochet lap blanket typically measures about 48 by 60 inches. This size is ideal for covering your lap or lower body while sitting, and provides sufficient warmth for most climates. It is also great for use as a lap robe in a wheelchair or for individuals with limited mobility.

waltz of the flowers crochet blanket
The Waltz of the Flowers Blanket is around 49 by 51 inches, making it a medium-sized lap blanket.

Large Lap Blanket

A large crochet lap blanket is a little bigger, offering more coverage and warmth. The dimensions for a large lap blanket may be around 60 by 72 inches, providing extra room for wrapping or draping over the body. This size is ideal for individuals who prefer more coverage or for use in colder climates.

Extra-Large Lap Blanket

An extra-large crochet lap blanket offers the most coverage and warmth, with dimensions that can exceed 72 by 84 inches. It is suitable for taller individuals or those who desire a larger blanket to wrap around their entire body. This size is perfect for use on a couch or recliner, providing cozy warmth during movie nights or relaxing evenings.

Yarn and Hook Considerations

When choosing yarn for a crochet lap blanket, you should consider factors such as type, thickness, and amount of yarn required. The appropriate crochet hook size is also essential, as it affects the blanket’s overall size, drape, and appearance.

Yarn Selection

Selecting the right yarn for a lap blanket can make a significant difference in the finished product. Key factors to think about when choosing a yarn include:

  • Type: Choose a durable, soft yarn that’ll be comfortable and hold up well. It can also be good to opt for a yarn that can be machine-washed. If you’re making a larger blanket and cost is a factor, you may wish to choose slightly cheaper yarns, such as acrylic.
  • Weight: A thicker yarn is sometimes preferred for blankets as it provides extra thickness, warmth, and weight. However, a thick yarn is not essential and many beautiful and cozy blankets can be made with DK or even 4-ply weight yarn. Read this article for more discussion of the pros and cons of using different yarn weights for crochet blankets.

Amount of Yarn Needed

A crochet lap blanket can require anywhere between 900 and 4,000 yards of yarn, depending on the desired size and thickness. The amount of yarn you need will also depend on the type of stitch you choose to work with, or any special techniques used, such as colorwork techniques.

When selecting your yarn, consider its weight and texture. A lighter yarn, such as a worsted-weight yarn, will typically need a higher yardage to create a warmer, fuller lap blanket. In contrast, a bulky-weight yarn will give the same thickness and warmth with a lower yardage requirement.

Check the pattern or read this article for more guidance on working out how much yarn is needed to make a particular blanket.

It can be a good idea to purchase a bit extra yarn than the suggested or estimated yardage. Having extra yarn on hand can account for any discrepancies in gauge or modifications in the pattern. Additionally, it can be helpful to have leftover yarn for future repairs or adding finishing touches, such as a border, tassels, or even pom poms.

Crochet Hook

Choosing an appropriate crochet hook for your yarn choice is vital. The main considerations when selecting a crochet hook are:

  • Size: Crochet hook size is typically dictated by the yarn weight. Some yarn packaging will provide guidance on appropriate hook size. If you are following a pattern, then this will also provide an indication of which hook size to use. However, you should always swatch to check you are happy with the look and feel of your work using that size, and adjust accordingly if needed.
  • Material: Crochet hook materials include aluminum, plastic, wood, and bamboo. The preference can vary among crocheters, so it’s essential to find what is comfortable for your grip and work. Your choice of hook material may also vary according to the fiber content of the yarn you are using.
  • Shape: The handle and hook design can impact a crocheter’s comfort and tension. Experiment with different shapes to discover which style suits your technique best.

This article has some further guidance on choosing the best crochet hook for your project.

Lap Blanket Pattern Inspiration

Here are a few ideas of some lap-sized crochet blankets you could make. Just click on an image to get the pattern:

For even more ideas, check out my pattern page.

Standard Blanket Sizes

In addition to lap blankets, a variety of blanket sizes are available to suit different needs, purposes, and preferences. This section will briefly discuss some standard blanket sizes for various types of beds and uses, focusing on baby blankets, crib blankets, and blankets for twin, full, queen, king, and California king mattresses.

Baby Blankets

Baby blankets come in several sizes, depending on their intended use. The most common baby blanket dimensions are:

  • Receiving: 28 by 34 inches
  • Swaddling: 36 by 36 inches
  • Toddler: 42 by 56 inches

Each of these blankets serve a specific purpose, such as swaddling a newborn or providing warmth for a sleeping toddler.

cara crochet baby blanket
This Cara Blanket is perfect for babies and measures 36 x 36 inches.

Crib Blankets

Crib blankets are designed to fit snugly inside a baby’s crib. They are generally thinner and smaller than other types of blankets. The standard crib blanket size is 36 by 52 inches. Keep in mind, it is important to follow safety guidelines when using blankets in a crib to prevent potential safety hazards.

Twin Size Blankets

Twin-sized beds are a popular choice for children and single adults. Twin blanket dimensions typically measure 66 by 90 inches, providing enough coverage for a standard twin-sized mattress (39 by 75 inches).

Full Size Blankets

Full-sized beds, also known as double beds, are suitable for single adults or couples. Full blanket sizes usually measure 80 by 90 inches, designed to cover a full-sized mattress (54 by 75 inches).

Queen Size Blankets

Queen-sized beds are slightly larger, and queen-sized blanket dimensions typically measure 90 by 100 inches. This offers coverage for a standard queen mattress (60 by 80 inches).

King Size Blankets

King-sized beds provide even more space, and king-sized blanket sizes are larger to accommodate the bigger mattress. Standard king blanket dimensions are 108 by 100 inches, suitable for covering a king-sized mattress (76 by 80 inches).

California King Size Blankets

California king-sized beds are the largest of the bed sizes. The standard California king blanket size measures 102 by 110 inches, providing coverage for a California king mattress (72 by 84 inches).

What Size is a Crochet Lap Blanket? Conclusion

A crochet lap blanket is a versatile accessory that can offer warmth and comfort. They are an ideal size for draping across your lap while sitting or lying down. They are also perfect for those with limited mobility, such as wheelchair users, or those who just prefer a smaller, more manageable blanket.

Typically, lap blankets measure around 30 to 60 inches wide and 40 to 70 inches long, although they can be slightly larger or smaller, depending on the intended user and use.

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