What Weight Yarn Should I Use for A Crochet Blanket?

What Weight Yarn Should I Use for A Crochet Blanket?

Choosing the right weight of yarn for your crochet blanket project is the key to creating a cosy and attractive finished product. The weight of the yarn directly affects the drape, softness, and warmth of your blanket, making it an important factor to consider before you begin.

There are various yarn weights available to suit different crochet blanket projects, ranging from 4 ply to chunky options. Lightweight yarns like 4 ply and sport weight are great for delicate, lightweight blankets, and those with intricate colour work patterns. Heavier yarns such as aran and chunky weights produce thicker, warmer blankets which can be ideal for colder weather. DK yarns can be a great “middle-of-the-road” option providing a balance between warmth and drape.

When selecting a yarn for your crochet blanket, you should think about factors such as the desired size of your blanket, your preferred drape and thickness, how important warmth is as a factor, and how quickly you want to complete your project.

Winter Star Crochet Blanket
This Winter Star Blanket is made with aran yarn so it works up quite quickly and is lovely and warm

Understanding Yarn Weights

Yarn weights play a crucial role in determining the thickness and drape of your crochet blanket. However, they can be referred to by different names in different locations. In this section, we will explore five yarn weights commonly used in crocheting blanket projects:

UK NameUS NamePly
5-ply or SportSport5-ply
DKLight Worsted8-ply
Super ChunkySuper or Extra Bulky14-ply

Lighter weight yarns

Lighter weight yarns, such 4- and 5-ply yarns, are perfect for lightweight and airy blankets or those with detailed colour work patterns. They can provide a lovely drape and, if you opt for an animal fibre, can still provide great warmth.

Clarissa Crochet Blanket
This Clarissa Blanket is made with a 4-ply yarn which is perfect for this detailed colour work pattern.

Medium weight yarns

DK yarn is a great in between option as it gives good stitch definition and drape, whilst still providing a great level of warmth.

Super Stars Crochet Blanket
This Super Stars Blanket is made with DK yarn so it’s lovely and warm with a light drape, whilst still being great for colour work.

Thicker weight yarns

Thicker yarns such as 10-ply offer more insulation and thickness, making them well-suited for cosier blankets. Opting for a thicker yarn can also allow you to complete your project more quickly – great when speed is a factor!

Big Fish Little Fish crochet blanket
This Big Fish Little Fish Blanket is made with aran yarn so it works up very fast and is lovely and cosy.

Really thick yarns

Chunky and Super Chunky yarns can allow you to create a deliciously thick blanket with a gorgeous texture in next to no time. You can even create your own really chunky yarns by holding several strands of yarn together. This can be a great stash-busting option.

Rainbow Crochet Blanket
This Rainbow Blanket was made by holding several strands of aran weight yarn together to create a gorgeous texture

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Yarn Weight

Climate and Season

When choosing a yarn weight for your crochet blanket, consider the climate and season in which the blanket will be used. For colder climates or winter months, you might want to opt for a heavier-weight yarn, such as aran or chunky. For warmer climates or summer months, consider using lighter-weight yarns, like 4-Ply or Sport.

However, yarn weight is not the only factor to consider when warmth is important. Check out this post to find out which fibres are the warmest ones to crochet with.

Purpose and Use

Think about the purpose and use of the crochet blanket when selecting a yarn weight. Will the blanket be more decorative, in which case yarn weight may not be such an important factor, or will it be used to snuggle under a lot? Who will be mainly using it? If it’s for a baby then you might not want to choose one of the thickest options and a middle-weight yarn such as DK or aran might be a good option.


How long do you have to spend on the project? If time is a consideration and you need to get the blanket made quite quickly, then opting for a thicker yarn will save you time. On the other hand, if you have a lot of time to spend on it, or you’re only making a relatively small blanket, then choosing a thinner yarn could work well and allow you to create a more intricate design.

Crochet Technique

The crochet technique you plan to use can influence the yarn weight you choose. Different crochet techniques work best with specific yarn weights. For example:

  • Filet crochet: This works well with light and medium-weight yarns
  • Tapestry crochet: Depending on the detail of the colour work design, yarns ranging from 4-ply up to aran weight work well for this technique.
  • Mosaic crochet: Medium weights such as sport and DK are good options for mosaic crochet.

The Crochet Pattern Itself

If you’re following a pattern then always check to see what yarn weight is recommended by the designer. In most cases, opting for a yarn with the same or a similar yarn weight to that suggested in the pattern will give the best results. The designer may also give options of other yarn weights that could work in the pattern so be sure to check for that too.

What Weight Yarn Should I Use for A Crochet Blanket? Conclusion

Ultimately, your yarn weight choice will depend on various factors and this can vary from blanket to blanket. Taking the time to carefully evaluate the factors set out in this article and even test various yarn weights will ensure that your crochet blanket is comfortable, functional, and visually appealing.

Blanket Pattern Inspiration

Check out this post for a wide range of beautiful blankets to crochet in a variety of yarn weights:

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