What to Crochet Next? Top Project Inspiration!

What to Crochet Next? Top Project Inspiration!

As soon as I complete a crochet project (or sometimes long before!), the exciting search for the next project idea begins. With countless options and trends available, it can be bewildering trying to find just the right project to work on. Fear not, fellow crocheters, as this article will provide some helpful suggestions for finding your next crochet adventure.

When it comes to crochet, there are of course so many different kinds of projects to choose from. From cozy garments and accessories to delightful home décor items and quirky gifts, there is a world of possibilities waiting to be explored. We’ll take a look at a variety of project ideas to suit different tastes, skill levels, and preferences. We’ll also share some of our top sources for crochet project inspiration and some tips on just how to decide which project to go for. So, let’s take a dive into the imaginative world of crochet project inspiration!

person holding several ball of yarn
Deciding which crochet project to make next is a fun and exciting process.

Choosing Your Next Crochet Project

Factors to Consider

When deciding on your next crochet project, there are several factors to consider.

First, think about the level of difficulty you’re comfortable with. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or expert crocheter? Are you looking for a relaxing, mindful make that doesn’t require too much concentration? Or are you hoping for something a little more challenging, perhaps with some new techniques for you to master?

Next, consider the purpose of the project. Is it a gift, a personal item, a decorative piece, or just a fun relaxing make for yourself?

Additionally, think about the materials you’ll need. Are you willing to buy new yarn for this project or do you have some already that you’re hoping to use up? Do you have any preferences as to the fiber or weight of yarn that you use? Thinking about these factors will help you to focus in on suitable projects.

yarn in two baskets
Perhaps you’re hoping to use up some of your stash in your next crochet project.

Finally, what time do you have available for this project? Is there a deadline for it such as a birthday or other celebration? Do you want a quick make or could this be a more long-term, larger project?

By thinking about all these points before you start searching for a project, you’ll be able to narrow down your options and limit the scope and efficiency of your search.

Finding Inspiration for Your Next Crochet Project

Now you have an idea of the kind of project you’d like to create, let’s think about some sources of inspiration.

The following options are all great sources for crochet project inspiration:


Pinterest is a treasure trove of inspiration for crochet projects. You could just try searching for “crochet patterns” or narrow it down a little with another word or two based on what you’ve considered above.

One of the great things about Pinterest is that it’s easy to save your ideas to boards, grouping them into different categories. This makes them easy to return to so you can mull over your options for a while before deciding, and even save some for the future too.

Project inspiration abounds on Pinterest


Instagram is another great source of online inspiration. Use hashtags to look for projects you might be interested in, such as:

  • #crochetblanket
  • #amigurumi
  • #crochetcardigan
  • #grannysquares

Or for more general crochet inspiration, check out some of these:

  • #crochetthedayaway
  • #crochetallthethings
  • #crochetgoodness
  • #crochetismyhappyplace
  • #crochetlife

You could also have a look at your favorite designers’ accounts to see what they’ve been up to and if they’ve had any new pattern releases.

Check out designers’ profiles on Instagram for lots of crochet project inspiration. Most will include links to their patterns and tutorials too.

Local Yarn Shops and Yarn Festivals

Visit your local yarn shop and explore their selection of crochet kits and pattern books. These may include beginner-friendly options and more advanced projects. You can also ask for staff recommendations.

At yarn festivals, there’s also no shortage of ideas. As well as yarn, you can see beautiful projects up close or even attend a workshop, making them a really fun and inspiring day out.

stitch festival in London
Inspiration abounds at the Stitch Festival in London.

Online Communities

Join online crochet groups and forums like on Ravelry, where fellow crocheters share ideas, tips, and patterns. You can ask for advice, share your progress, and get feedback on your work.

Online Pattern Resources

Websites like Ravelry and LoveCrafts are brilliant sources of crochet pattern ideas. You can narrow down your search based on yarn weight, fiber, item category and many other parameters to help you find the perfect project.

Your Favorite Fashion or Homeware Brands

Another perhaps less obvious source of inspiration is your favorite fashion and homeware brands. Have a look at their websites or browse through their catalogues for items you could draw inspiration from. These could include:

  • Sweaters and cardigans
  • Blankets
  • Bags and purses
  • Hats, scarves and mittens
  • Rugs
  • Cushions

Popular Crochet Patterns and Ideas

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the most popular crochet projects that might inspire your next creation.

Blankets and Throws

Blankets and throws are always a popular project idea for crocheters. Blankets can be worked in rows, in the round, or from a selection of motifs that are joined together. They can be made in all different sizes from baby blanket right up to king size bed. The patterns can be easy and mindful, like a simple granny square blanket, or more intricate and challenging, perhaps involving new techniques such as tapestry or mosaic crochet.

A blanket can be a really enjoyable make as once you get started, many simple patterns do not require much concentration. Blankets can also be fabulous stash-busters if you have a lot of one type of yarn that you’d like to make a dent in!

Here is a selection of blanket pattern ideas, ranging from the easy to the more complex, to get you started:

Granny Stitch

Granny stitch can be used to make classic granny squares: either several small ones that you then join, or one large one. It can also be worked in rows to create a fabulous stripy design.

colorful crochet granny stitch worked in stripes
Granny Stripe blankets look great when you switch color every couple of rows


Stripy blankets are always popular but why not try one with different stitches to add some extra texture?

crochet edges
Alternating rows of simple crochet stitches and different colors can work up quickly to produce a beautiful result, like in this Cosy Stripe Blanket

Simple Stitch Patterns

There are also lots of simple stitch patterns that can create beautiful effects when worked up over a large area. One example is the Bertie Blanket, which is a beautiful design that’s great for baby blankets and also larger throws. Have fun experimenting with different colour combinations.

Bertie Crochet Blanket
The Bertie Blanket looks great in a rainbow of different colors

Tapestry Crochet

Why not learn a new technique like tapestry crochet? This can be used to create some stunning colorwork patterns like in this Clarissa Blanket.

Clarissa Crochet Blanket
The stunning Clarissa Blanket uses tapestry crochet to create this tile-like pattern.

Mosaic Crochet

Another fun colorwork technique is mosaic crochet. This is especially good for geometric designs and is really fun to do.

Intarsia Crochet Blanket
The Neon Fizz mosaic crochet throw is a really fun design to work up.

Fashionable Accessories

Accessories like hats, scarves, shawls, mittens, bags and even earrings are also great crochet projects, especially if you’re looking for something that can be made relatively quickly or without using too much yarn.

Here are a few accessory ideas to inspire you:

Bellever Hat

The Bellever hat is a cozy creation perfect for winter. It looks great when finished off with a pom pom and there’s even a matching cowl pattern too.

bellever hat and cowl
The Bellever Hat is a fun colorwork design and it even comes with a matching cowl to keep you extra cozy.

Oritha Cowl

The Oritha Cowl is made with super bulky yarn so it works up quickly and looks fabulous. Plus, this pattern is free!

oritha cowl
The Oritha Cowl has a gorgeous ribbed texture and is very easy to make.

Arda Mittens

For something a bit different, why not try a pair of crochet mittens? This design comes in a range of sizes from toddler right up to adult so you could make a pair for the whole family!

arda tapestry crochet mittens
These Arda Mittens are brilliant for trying out different color combinations and will keep your hands lovely and warm.

Molly Shawl

Shawls range from the cozy to the lacy and drapey. If you’re looking for a fresh new idea, give this Molly Shawl a go, which uses tapestry crochet to create an attractive leafy border.

Molly Shawl made with alpaca yarn
The Molly Shawl is made with a soft, fine alpaca yarn, making it both light and cozy.

Starlight Bag

Finally, you can’t beat a bag for providing both style and practicality. This creative Starlight Bag is a great option as it works up quickly and the pattern is free!

The Starlight Bag is the perfect accessory for days out.

Home Décor Items

Crochet also offers a wide range of patterns and ideas for home décor items. From cushions and poufs to mats, coasters, table runners and even baskets, there’s a lot to choose from. Check out these lovely ideas:

Asteria Cushion

The Asteria Cushion has a striking geometric design that looks great in a range of different colors. It will bring a fresh pop of modern style to your living area.

The Asteria Cushion is a fun geometric design that looks great in a crisp cotton yarn.

Grateful Star Mat

These mats are perfect for using up scraps of yarn and you can vary the size by using different yarn thicknesses. You could make just one or why not go for a coordinating set?

grateful star crochet mats
The Grateful Star Mat pattern is quick and easy to make. Plus, the pattern is FREE!

Starry Spruce Table Runner

This table runner looks great in festive colors but in some lighter tones it’s actually perfect for any time of year. It’s made with mosaic crochet and will make a striking center piece for your dining table.

starry spruce crochet table runner
The Starry Spruce Table Runner is the perfect addition to your festive table.

Sweaters and Cardigans

An increasingly popular category for crocheters is garments like sweaters and cardigans. Once the speciality of knitters, there is now a wonderful array of fabulous crochet patterns in this genre too. Here are some great ideas:

The Gorse Sweater

The Gorse Sweater is a cozy and chunky design with beautiful raglan detail. It’s made with aran yarn so it works up pretty fast too. If you’ve not made a crochet garment before, it could be a great one to try.

crochet gorse sweater
The Gorse Sweater from Linda Skuja is very beginner friendly and has a lovely raglan detail.

The Candelaria Cardigan

If you’d prefer a cardigan, why not try the stunning Candelaria Cardigan with its pretty lacy stitchwork? Choose a lovely fingering weight yarn and you’ll create a stylish and wearable item that you can enjoy year after year.

Candelaria Crochet Cardigan
The Candelaria Cardigan has a beautiful stitch pattern and is wearable all year round.

The Revival Sweater

Finally, if you’re a granny square fan, then the fabulous Revival Sweater has to be the perfect choice. Have fun selecting the perfect colors for it, then whip up your squares before joining them using a continuous join-as-you-go method.

Crochet Revival Sweater
The Revival Sweater is the perfect choice for granny square lovers!

Seasonal and Holiday Projects

Crochet patterns for seasonal and holiday projects abound, making it easy to find something to suit any occasion. Some examples of seasonal crochet projects are:

  • Valentine’s Day: Create heart-shaped gifts or decorations.
  • Halloween: Craft spooky items such as skull motifs or pumpkin decorations.
  • Christmas: Make hanging decorations for your tree to use up scraps of yarn.
  • Summer: Crochet lightweight items like beach totes or sandals.

Here are a few pattern ideas:

Easter Egg Nesting Baskets

These make a cute addition to your home at Easter time.

crochet nested egg baskets and yarn
These egg baskets are fun to work up in spring colors. Get the pattern here.

Autumn Gerberas

Flowers are perfect for any time of year and you can’t get prettier than these lovely Autumn Gerberas.

crochet autumn gerberas
Crochet these beautiful floral decorations with the Autumn Gerbera pattern.

Crochet Hearts

Hearts are of course the definitive way to say “I love you”. This pretty design is quick to work up. Attach a small loop and they make a lovely hanging decoration.

These pretty little hearts a so easy to make you can whip some up in no time. Get the pattern here.

Christmas Tree Skirt

At Christmas time, you can have great fun hooking up some new tree decorations. Or if you fancy a slightly larger project, why not crochet a fabulous new Christmas tree skirt?

crochet christmas tree skirt
This tree skirt looks so jolly in this bright red yarn. Get the pattern here.

What to Crochet Next: Conclusion

There are so many options available when it comes to selecting your next crochet project that it can be a bit overwhelming. By thinking about these factors, you can start to narrow down your options:

  • Difficulty level
  • Purpose
  • Materials
  • Time available

Think about the kind of project you’d like to make too. From blankets and home décor items to garments and accessories, there’s lots to choose from. Check out some of the ideas above for some great sources of inspiration and pattern ideas and you’ll soon be settling down to hook up your next fabulous crochet creation. Happy crocheting!

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