Tapestry crochet baby blankets

Tapestry crochet baby blankets

Why use tapestry crochet for a baby blanket?

Tapestry crochet is a brilliant technique to use for baby blankets because it can create fun and beautiful patterns suited to a whole range of styles, tastes and decors. Tapestry crochet blankets look great in nurseries and children will love snuggling under them for years to come.

You can tailor your colour choices to coordinate with a child’s bedroom or just choose a favourite colour that you think they will love.

What’s more, a pattern made with tapestry crochet is visible on both the front and the back of the blanket (and patterns made in rows are truly “reversible”, looking exactly the same on both sides) so there’s no need to worry about toddlers getting their blanket the “wrong” way up.

Super Stars Tapestry Crochet Blanket by Catherine Crochets
Cara Blanket tapestry crochet baby blanket pattern by Catherine Crochets

What kind of patterns can you make with tapestry crochet?

Tapestry crochet is a very versatile technique and can be used to make a whole range of different patterns and shapes.

You can easily create geometrical patterns such as zig-zags, triangles and diamonds. However, tapestry crochet can also be used to make more complicated shapes like fish, leaves, hearts, and even people.

Working in the round, tapestry crochet can create square or hexagon motifs containing rotationally-symmetric shapes like stars and flowers.

Some great tapestry crochet baby blankets to try

Here are a few great tapestry crochet baby blankets to try. Click or tap on an image to purchase the pattern.

A note on joining motifs

If you’re joining motifs for a baby blanket, make sure you join the whole way round (and not just at corners, for example) so that there are no large gaps that could pose a safety risk.

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