Quarantine Collaboration with Florencia – free crochet pattern and colouring sheet

Towards the end of last year, I was really excited to receive a message from the lovely Florencia @ullvuna asking if I’d like to collaborate with her to release a free crochet pattern and colouring sheet, to lift everyone’s spirits and give them something fun and free to enjoy. This sounded like a great idea so of course I said yes!

After a few months of back-and-forth, we have come up with the Broken Stripes Pouch pattern and colouring sheet for you to enjoy.

You might recognise the pattern on the pouch as it’s the same as on my Broken Stripes cushion. It’s a lovely simple and repetitive pattern with alternating rows of tr and dc stitches (dc and sc in US terms).

The pouch is quite small (although the pattern includes instructions to adjust it to any size) so it’s a great pattern for using up leftover scraps of yarn, and trying out new colour combinations.

And Florencia’s beautiful colouring sheet allows you to enjoy planning out your colour choices before you start, with a spot of therapeutic colouring.

Picture by Florencia Campos Correa @ullvuna

The pouch is the perfect size for holding a bag of dried lavender but of course, you could use it for whatever you like.

Both the pattern and the colouring sheet are available to download for free on Ravelry.

I hope you enjoy some relaxing crochet and colouring with them!

Picture by Florencia Campos Correa @ullvuna

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