Calliope – a free tapestry crochet bookmark pattern

Calliope – a free tapestry crochet bookmark pattern

Calliope is a simple and elegant free tapestry crochet bookmark pattern. It’s a perfect quick gift for a teacher, friend, or indeed anyone who loves books! If you’re giving some one a book token, why not make them a Calliope bookmark to go with it as an extra personal touch?

Calliope tapestry crochet bookmark

Tapestry crochet

The Calliope bookmark uses tapestry crochet to create the diamond pattern.

Not tried tapestry crochet before? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Check out my step-by-step guide to tapestry crochet:

Or watch my video tutorial here:

The Calliope pattern


Small amounts of 4 ply yarn in two colours A and B.

I used Hobbii Twister and Hobbii Twister Solid to make mine.


2.5 mm

Calliope tapestry crochet bookmark


Change colour using the standard tapestry crochet technique, i.e. on the last pull-through of the previous stitch. Crochet over the unused yarn to carry it along as you go. Check out the links above if you need more explanation.

The first 3 ch of each row counts as 1 dc. Make the last stitch of the next row into the top of that 3 ch.

The pattern is written in US crochet terms. If you’d like to convert to UK terms, just replace “dc” with “tr”, and replace “sc” with “dc”.


ch-spchain space
dcdouble crochet
fdcfoundation double crochet
scsingle crochet
sl stslip stitch


Row 1 – With Yarn A, 2 ch (does not count as st), 11 fdc. Turn. [11 fdc]

Alternatively, with Yarn A, 13 ch, 1 dc in fourth ch from hook, dc along to end of ch. Turn. [11 dc including beg 3 ch counting as 1 dc]

Row 2 – With Yarn A, 3 ch (counts as 1 dc), 10 dc. Turn. [11 dc]

Row 3 – (3 ch, 4 dc) in Yarn A, 1 dc in Yarn B, 5 dc in Yarn A. Turn.

Row 4 – (3 ch, 3 dc) in Yarn A, 3 dc in Yarn B, 4 dc in Yarn A. Turn.

Row 5 – (3 ch, 2 dc) in Yarn A, 5 dc in Yarn B, 3 dc in Yarn A. Turn.

Row 6 – rep Row 4.

Row 7 – rep Row 3.

Rows 8-17 – rep Rows 3-7 twice. Cut Yarn B leaving an end to weave in.

Row 18 – rep Row 2. Do not fasten off.


Round 1 – Continue with Yarn A around the bookmark making:

  • 2 sc in side of each dc along long edges
  • 1 sc in end of each dc or fdc along short edges
  • (1 sc, 1 ch, 1sc) at each corner.

Sl st to beg sc to join. Fasten off Yarn A.

Round 2 – Join Yarn B to any corner ch-sp. 1 ch (does not count as st), then continue around bookmark making:

  • (1 sc, 1 ch, 1 sc) in each corner ch-sp
  • 1 sc in each sc of Round 1

Sl st to beg sc to join. Fasten off.


Weave in ends and block.

Make seven small tassels and attached evenly along one end of bookmark.

Calliope crochet bookmark

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